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Longitudes of different planets for the entire year, month-wise, day-wise, have been given as at 5. On page 30, search the required date, i. Against this the longitudes for planets on But our required birth time is 3. Find out the longitudes of planets as on 9. This can be done in the following way :. Now we would use the proportional logarithms tables provided in the Annual Ephemeries, in the end.

Horizontally, degrees or hours are given, and vertically, minutes are given. Now, search this figure 1. The nearest figure is 1. This means Sun has travelled 57' in 22 h 20'. Longitude of Sun on 9. Now, search this figure 0. The nearest figure is 0. Longitude of Moon on 9. A little approximate longitude will increase or decrease the number of days in Vimshottari Dasha. In this case, we have taken the nearest figure of 0.

The next to it is 0. Distance for 0. Difference for 0. But this accurate figure is important while calculating Vimshottari Dasha. Log for 45' From the above Table 1.

This is written at the cross-section of 42'. This means Mars has travelled 42' in 22 h 20'. Longitude of Mercury on 9. Log for 11' From the above Table 2. The Nagas are shaped like snakes but stand tall. The Nagas are highly evolved beings. They are wise, but their wisdom can be used for both good and bad.

The Naga sheds his skin, this symbolises transformation,re-birth. The snakes in Vedic literature remind people of their mortality. The 'devouring of the Sun and Moon' are when Rahu eclipses the luminaries. This shows the important part Rahu has to play in changing the course of our life. The Sun and Moon are Royal planets under whose dictates the universe and life on earth revolves.

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But Rahu can darken this light, therefore it controls the process of life. The Sun is the Soul and Moon the Mind, when they are eclipsed, they go through regeneration, transformation and death. Rahu takes people off their Dharmic past path to tempt them on the road of self destruction. But Rahu has a very definite purpose in doing so.

It wants you to learn, taste and feel everything so that from the full satiation of your senses you turn a new leaf on the path of self realisation and find their true enlightenment. Rahu on a physical plane gives you insatiable desire to achieve, to conquer.

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Once you have reached the pinnacle of achievement, you realise this success you have achieved has not brought with it happiness because you were in fact chasing an illusion. There are many cults in India which preach satiation of all your mundane and carnal desires so that we can learn the important lesson of fulfilment of all your desires do not give you the true happiness.

Rahu behaves like Saturn. It deals with drugs, poisons, over ambition, power play, hidden knowledge,. Rahu's element is air.

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It deals with all aspects of air related activities air travel, Air accidents, Aviation, Pilots etc. Other significations of Rahu include students of Astrology, metaphysical knowledge, witchcraft, skin diseases, small pox, deception, politics, political manoeuvre, inventions, scientists, execution, diseases, disenchantment etc.

Rahu Ketu rule 3 Nakshtras fixed stars each. Rahu rules Ardra 6 degree 40' to 20 degrees 00' Gemini , Swati 6 degrees 40' to 20 degrees 00' Libra and Shatabishak 6 degrees 40' to 20 degrees 00'Aquarius , all in the Air triplicity. Mercury, Venus and Saturn represent intellectualism, pleasure and righteous behaviour. Rahu has the capacity to bestow in all these areas. As the ruler of the fixed star Ardra 6 degree 40' to 20 degrees 00' Gemini , Rahu represents the highest thinking, Ardra is the Nakshatra where we begin our learning about the nature's law.

Ardra is in 6 degree 40' to 20 degrees Gemini a sign ruled by Mercury. At the cosmic stage of Ardra, there is conflict on the outer level where we are dissatisfied with our present surrounding, so we start looking for answers. This can be through knowledge, occult and communication The duality of Gemini as well as the celestial powers of Mercury are present.

Ardra's symbol is of a head or a single jewel. Rahu is always about matchless ambition and in Ardra it combines it with the capacity for knowledge. Planets in Ardra get motivated towards greater occult learning. Rudra, the God of Destruction is Ardra's presiding Diety.. Rudra is a form of Shiva. Rudra's mission is to destroy ignorance, therefore he directs the consciousness towards knowledge and finding the answers for ourselves about this manifestation.

At Ardra we start to study or learn about the Law of Nature.

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The first time we become dissatisfied with the materialistic nature of our lives and start towards expanding the horizons of our spiritual selves.. The Second Nakshatra ruled by Rahu is Swati 6 degrees 40' to 20 degrees 00' Libra Planets in Swati indicate the depth of the soul's involvement in Materialism.

The indicator of the soul in our chart, the Sun, is debilitated here and Saturn the worker of the Zodiac is exalted here. Under Swati, the impulse is all about material gain. Venus rules the earthly needs in an individual. Combining it with Rahu it adds further to the desire for success, wealth and finance. Many millionaires are born with their Moon's or Saturn in Swati.

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The presiding diety is Vayu air. The Symbol is Coral.

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The location of this Nakshatra in Libra indicates that the experience of full involvment into earthy, materialistic pleasures will bring with it dissatisfaction because the scales will be heavy to one side. Once success is achieved we feel empty, alone and dissatisfied with our achievement, many try for more success but the correct thing would be to look towards your higher self at this time.

Libra is a stage of life when we start thinking about the spiritual meaning of life but only once the other urges have been fulfilled. Shatabishak 6 degrees 40' to 20 degrees 00'Aquarius is the final Nakshatra ruled by Rahu. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Rahu's rulership of the Nakshtra makes a very difficult combination where life has to have a purpose and the total direction is about learning lessons.

Rahu gives results like Saturn but on a psychological level.

This double Saturnine influence on planets placed here is difficult to handle unless our activities are directed towards service to humanity. Here both Rahu and Saturn are concerned about changing our purpose of life, giving us the final answers. Rahu on the internal level and Saturn on an external level offers restrictions, obstacles and transformation. The need to understand the final lessons of life as well as duty to others are two of the important aspects of Shatabishak. Its symbol is the thousand petalled flower, Shatabishak is where the Kundalini flowers and we reach towards the full awareness of our consciousness.

This is the stage in life where we activate the Sahasara Crown Chakra. Rahu brings forth its full power as the teacher of cosmic law. When the Moon is in Shatabishak, its materialistic tendencies are shed completely and we moves towards the true purpose of life. We are ready to transcend to the next phase of spiritual development.

All the quarters of Rahu's Nakshatra are ruled by Jupiter and Saturn, the significators of spirituality and occult initiation. They are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each pada quarter represents the ninth harmonic of the natal chart. Together these four signs represent the final stages of spiritual development. As the Rahu Nakshatras represent a point in cycle of life where we are starting to change, these padas further indicate that life on an internal level remain the same again.

Sagittarius is the level when man learns to control the base emotions,changes from animal to human, at Capricorn we learn about the duties and responsibilities to others, Aquarius represents the stage of development where we are now privy to full knowledge.

At Pisces we are able to make the final change, sow the seeds for future growth. So although the stages of the soul's journey are different in Ardra Gemini Swati Libra and Shatabishak Aquarius the underlying urge, represented by the quarters, is still the same- to evolve. The ending of one way of life and the beginning of another. This hymn shows the main difference between Rahu and Ketu, Rahu is dark in colour but Ketu has a variegated colour.