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  1. Your March 11, Weekly Horoscope Gives You The Chance To Reflect On Your Life.
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  3. Your Horoscope for the Week of March 11?
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So many people are going to ask for your loyalty this week, or for your love, or for your generous, sparkling attention. This week, every time someone else tries to intimidate you with their imagined authority or their noisy confidence, you can escape, you can slip free, you can stay whole and true.

Your Daily Horoscope for Monday, March 11

The world has changed since then, and so have you. Change is inevitable. Sometimes, when you see all the people around you with their own mysterious depths, and their knotted histories, and their questions, it can make it hard not to compare your small, human self to the vastness of the world. This week, though, you might encounter moments that language fails you. Your emotions might feel inexpressible, too dense, too complicated, too strange to speak.

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It just means that language was never meant to do everything. Some experiences are meant to be solitary. It can seem natural and sensible to move through your days with your guard up, defenses high and weapons ready. Sometimes these are the tactics you need to survive, but this week, they can make your life more difficult. The world is harsh and cold so much of the time, but some kind of genuine, generous kindness might find you this week if you can manage to sit still and open and let it approach.

You might feel trapped or hurt or caught off guard by your more difficult emotions this week.

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Old feelings of shame might rear their heads, just to remind you they still exist. Old feelings of grief might whisper to you just loudly enough for you to hear. Take it as a reminder that you still know how to feel.

There are forces in the world, and in your own life, that are not under your control, but your own dreams still are. There are no absolutes right now, and no unbreakable rules.

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Everyone wants to be loved in exactly the right way — with just the right balance of intimacy and distance, just the right balance of closeness and freedom. And everyone wants to be loved in exactly the right way without ever having to ask. This is no time to complain about the world being unfair. Recent unexpected developments at work have not undermined your confidence or commitment. Far from it. If your professional or worldly ambitions have been dented, I suspect that the real cause lies elsewhere.

An intimate relationship could be proving a little costly, but a generous gesture will be worth it.

Daily Horoscopes: March 11, 12222

The news will be exciting, even if you are personally enjoying placid times. All the quite extraordinary planetary activity now taking place must be harnessed and used to channel your noble, virtuous and selfless instincts.

Daily Horoscope: March 10th to March 11th

You have a clear choice whether to go all out for personal interest or to realise that material security is, in the grand scheme of things, purely temporary. I take the view that the latter is more likely.

That way you can put your feet up while partners pick up the pieces. After all, nobody promised it would be easy! A helpful aspect between the Sun and Jupiter is only one of a series of benevolent planetary alignments which is causing you to think again.